Obsidian is a stone created out of hardened volcanic rock. It has a glassy, mirror-like look, and is pure black. Obsidian calls to you because you are in need of a psychic cleanse. Obsidian has been prized for centuries for its ability to dissolve emotional trauma. It is a protective stone, like Tiger’s Eye, and will safeguard your emotional energy from things that would normally wear you down. Obsidian has always been linked to shadow traits or darkness - it roots around in your subconscious finding your fears, angers, aniexties, and gently releasing them. Hiding your pain will only intensify it as you grow, and Obsidian steps in to bring light on that pain so it can be properly dealt with.  Be warned however, as Obsidian will not cater to your ego - it will force you to face your true self and take responsibility for your actions. Obsidian spheres are great for scrying,and obsidian makes a great talisman for self-control and for addressing power/control issues.

Obsidian Crystal Pipe